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Jewelry Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Please tell me how to care for jewelry.

A. After wearing, remove sweat, sebum and other stains with a neutral detergent, etc., and rinse thoroughly with water. After that, keep it tightly drained and sealed.
If a slight darkening becomes noticeable, polish it with a commercially available silver polishing cloth.

Q. Silver has turned black. Can you clean it?

A. Polish with a commercially available silver polishing cloth. If you can't polish it with a cloth, a commercially available silver jewelry cleaner is effective.

Also, put boiling water, silver products, and salt (about 1 tablespoon) in a container covered with aluminum foil, and soak it for a while to reduce it and make it beautiful.

However, please note that this method cannot be used for items with stones, adhesives, or smoked items.

​​ Depending on the cause of discoloration, it may not be possible to clean it at home. Please contact us if you cannot polish it well.

Q. Which payment method can I use?

A. Currently, you can pay by credit card (VISA / Master / AMEX / JCB / Diners Club / Discover), PayPal, convenience store payment, and bank transfer.

Q. How much does the shipping cost?

A. If you live in Japan, the price is 600 yen. (Free shipping on purchases over ¥ 3,000.)

For overseas people, we will set it for each area.

Q. How much does it cost to make to order?

A. Silver products ¥ 15,000 ~

Gold products ¥ 50,000 ~

Platinum products ¥ 50,000 ~

(In the case of a design ring with only bare metal)


We have set it as above.

Since it may fluctuate greatly depending on the design, the material used (especially the type of stone), the market price of the bullion, etc., we will make an estimate first.

Existing designs, simple designs, small parts, etc. may be made at a lower price than the above prices. If you have any questions, please ask.

​Q. How long does it take to make a custom-made product?

A. It has been about one month since the design was decided.
However, it may take up to 2 months if the time and order are set up. In that case, we will inform you in advance. It will be smooth if you contact us as soon as possible.

Q. Can I use the stones I have?

A. Yes. You can use your stone for an existing design, or we can propose a design that matches your stone.

Q. Can I melt and remodel my jewelry?

A. I'm sorry. We do not have equipment for melting and refining, so we do not accept it.

Q. I have no knowledge of jewelry, can I order it?

A. Yes, it's okay. Please be assured that we will explain it carefully.
You can also make everything by yourself. Please feel free to contact us.

​Q. I would like you to arrange the works posted, can you do it?

A. Yes, you can. We will respond to various requests such as changing the bullion (silver → gold, platinum, etc.), attaching and detaching stones, bringing in stones, etc. You can also customize such as making necklace parts based on the ring work. Please do not hesitate to tell us.

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