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Pleasant ring

We have created a thin, light, and easy-to-finger ring that is comfortable to wear.
Even though it is a ring with a strong presence, it is surprisingly uncomfortable to wear.
It is a ring that you want to put on your finger every day.
Please try it once.

Pleasant ring

  • Material: SILVER925
    Width: 4mm

    Because it is made of a thin plate with a thickness of 0.8 mm
    It is a ring that is less comfortable to wear and less stressful to wear.
    Since the finger familiarity is also carefully polished, it is a smooth finger passage.
    The creator, kachunao, is also a favorite item.
    (* There are individual differences in impressions)

  • ・ Our silver jewelry is delicately made. Please remove it when you are doing work or sports that require power.

    ・ The color will change with long-term use, so please clean it with a silver polishing cloth.

    ・ Should you experience any metal allergy symptoms, discontinue use immediately and consult a medical institution near you.

    -It will be shipped in simple packaging to make it easier to purchase. note that.

    ・ Because it is sold at the same time as other sales outlets, it may be "sold out" even if it is "in stock". In that case, we will manufacture and deliver it as soon as possible. note that.

    ・ We do not accept returns due to customer's convenience such as different size, different image, damaged, etc. Please note that a separate fee will be charged for resizing and repairs.

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