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by Jewelry Design KAT

GIN NO WA is a silver specialty brand by Jewelry Design KAT,

a comprehensive jewelry brand.

We will deliver silver jewelry for everyday wear that is particular

about comfort and complements the wearer.


The arabesque ring (small) is on sale at a great price for the renewal of the work!

(~ 8/15 21:00)

[Exhibition schedule]

9/18 ~ 20 Osaka Art & Tezukuri Bazaar

10/1 ~ 31 Halloween Item Fair (in our online shop)

10/15 ~ 17 Ten silver ten colors

11 / 6,7 Yokohama Handmade Marche

11 / 27,28 Kyoto Handmade Marche

It may change depending on the coronavirus infection status.

Please understand.


On a fake mail-order site that the Consumer Affairs Agency is calling attention to

The works of this brand are posted.

Please purchase from this site.

For product inquiries, please use the inquiry form.

Please refrain from doing business over the phone as it will interfere with your work.

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